Happy 7th Birthday codebar!

7 years…WOW! We’re not entirely sure how that happened or where time has gone. On Wednesday 23rd October 2013 we ran our very first codebar workshop in London hosted by the team over at Revoo with 16 people.

This wasn’t from our firstworkshop but it’s one of the earliest pictures we can find. Taken on December 14th 2013.

Things have grown and changed a lot since then, but our mission still remains. Creating a safe environment for minority group members to learn to code.

Since our first workshop, we have started codebar chapters in 35 cities around the world, and helped over 12,100 students learn to code. To celebrate our birthday we’re extremely happy to launch our new stats website. This website pulls data straight from our database so we can see how things are progressing and growing. And giving you more of an insight into the growth of codebar.

See our new stats website ➡️ stats.codebar.io/

codebar would not be what is without YOU!! Our extremely amazing, dedicated, loyal, lovely, wonderful community. codebar couldn’t happen without its coaches dedicating their free time to help students learn to code. codebar couldn’t happen without its wonderful 150+ organisers over the 7 years organising and running the workshops. codebar couldn’t happen without our hosts offering up their space so we can run our workshops so we want to say the biggest (honestly the absolute biggest) thank you to everyone over the last 7 years.

Cheers to the next 7 years 🍾🍾🍾

Taken last year when we could celebrate in person. We miss all your faces A LOT 😭. 😭

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